Notre Dame

"They helped us improve our team’s confidence and mental toughness, through a higher level of understanding of our emotional strengths and weaknesses."

Cardinal Corporation

"Coaching 2 Connect has changed our   approach to communicating, recruiting, and team building. Productivity improved almost immediately!"      

Toronto Maple Leafs

"I’ve worked with Coaching 2 Connect for over 10 years. I understand my goalies much better and can actually predict their behaviors."

Colgate University

"Coaching 2 Connect’s program has changed me personally. It has given me the tools to better understand myself, my staff, and my players." 

University of Connecticut

"We have learned to better UNDERSTAND and VALUE what each member of our program brings."

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"Coaching 2 Connect gives us a direct and powerful path to recruiting, communication and motivation. This has helped us become better coaches!"