Character drives performance

Mind - Body - Spirit

Leaders have influence on the development of character strength for their teams.  We help them achieve this by making conditions right for growth!

We live in a transactional world, where many people feel judged solely by the results they produce.  Our identity as a person and our character strengths get lost in results oriented environments.

We teach leaders and coaches how to communicate in ways that builds-up each player's self-esteem and confidence, by valuing them for who they are, as much as for what they do!

The results are that players will go through the wall for you!

strength in personality

Character strength

Authentic leadership starts with self-awareness; knowing who you are, your values, emotions and competencies. Second, you’ve got to know your players!

Our personality strength program helps leaders understand how to engage all other styles, with better communication approaches.

Better communications equals more trust, which results in a fully committed team!

communications training

Everyone communicates....few connect!

Some of us have been lucky enough to experience what it's like to work for an inspiring leader.  The more we reflect on how they impacted us, the more we realize that it's how they communicated. Truth be told, we remember how they made us feel!

Great leaders show they care for us, and believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.  Here's how they impact people:

  • Make learning fun 
  • Get to know us
  • Care for us as a human beings
  • Helpful 
  • Allow us to make mistakes
  • Supportive
  • Challenge us to learn and grow

recruit the right characters

80% of a leader's success comes from who is on the team

We help leaders identify which character traits thrive in competitive environments. Hiring the right people is crucial for a team's success and that's why leaders and coaches should develop a formal plan that includes a character DNA chart.  It's the easiest way to build or protect the team's culture.  

By putting time and work into finding the right people, leaders will improve the chances of finding the best performers and avoid costly and painful mistakes.  

The best teammates are hungry, humble, and smart.  We know how to find them!

            Hungry:                             Humble:

  • Hard Working                Unselfish
  • Competitive                   Honest
  • Positive                           Respectful
  • Focused                          Appreciative
  • Accountable                  Loyal
  • Resilient                         Trustworthy
  • Confident                       Encouraging
  • Energetic                        Caring
  • Disciplined                     Socially aware
  • Motivated                       Serving

a winning culture

People want a purpose and cause that inspires them

 A team’s culture is not what leaders say it is, it’s what employees/players say it is.
Unfortunately, most teams lack clarity in the definition of their culture pillars, and even worse, most haven’t defined standards of behavior to support it.   

The journey to a championship culture begins as follows:

  1. Find people who share a love for the cause.  
  2. Equip the team with a working knowledge of each other's strengths in personality.
  3. Move from tolerating each other to valuing each other through better communications.
  4. Define the behaviors people want to see in their workplace.
  5. Set clear expectations on daily behaviors that are within our control.
  6. Rewards!  There must be rewards for good behavior.  People want to feel appreciated.
  7. Consequences!  There must be consequences for poor behavior.  That's what people want and that's what accountability is!

prepare the team to compete

You don't get what you want, you get who you are

Like it or not, society has programmed us how to think.  As leaders, it helps to understand how each player's conscious and subconscious minds work, in order to help them reach their full potential.

The biggest gap in performance is the THINKING gap!

No one rises to the occasion, when under pressure.  Instead, we drop to our level of training. 

We help leaders create training conditions for learning and growing outside our comfort zones.  That's where the magic happens!